You inspire me.

You inspire me - not only to be the person I’m meant to be for me, but the person I’m meant to be for him - whoever he may be. If it’s supposed to be you, if it’s supposed to be us, then gladly I will rejoice but if not, I have no choice but to accept what we call our “destiny”. But for as long as I try to deny, you continue to haunt me, every day and every night in my thoughts, in my dreams - for as chaotic as life can be, in your eyes I see simplicity. 

You encourage me - to love with all my heart without the fear of falling, for with you I am flying high in sky without a care on my mind. Yet at the same time, you keep me grounded, you keep me sane - still, you love me dearly with but a flame that burns brighter than the sun. Although at times I cannot see, I feel the warmth as it embraces me, in times of joy and in times of need. 

You enlightened me - to a world I’ve never seen although for years it was right in front me. You’ve opened my eyes to endless possibilities to happiness I’ve always dreamed of, but for once I can feel it, for once, I can see it unfolding right before my very eyes. Oh what tears of joy I wish to cry but I cannot stop myself from smiling. 

You inspire me, you encourage me, you enlighten me - not only to love, not only to feel, but to be real with my intentions. And if not, if but an ounce of doubt clouds your thoughts then perhaps it’s time to let go. Because in the end, your heart will always know. And now more than ever, I know what I failed to show in the past - for my love for you, will always last.